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Archive for August, 2010

Change is Possible


I say this all the time, CHANGE IS POSSIBLE  – DAY BY DAY.  I also say, I believe it is easier then you think.  But, have you heard why I say that?

I say it because I BELIEVE IT.  We can change, we can get what we want.  But, we can’t do it overnight.  Heck if you have 10 lbs to lose, remember those 10 lbs did not appear overnight, so why expect them to disappear overnight.  And, for some of us, we have a lot more then 10 lbs to lose.  That was me at first, I had at least 30 lbs I wanted to lose, and yes I wanted it gone overnight.  I wanted that magic pill that would just do all the work for me.  I even attempted some of those “weight loss” pills on the market, and ummm, they were just a scam.  A lot of money, no results and actually some have really negative results on the body.

What I found, was Beachbody.  I first used their program, Slim in 6.  It starts off with a 1/2 hour workout everyday.  Hmm, I can find a half hour a day to get some real physical activity in.  Something a little more then what I was doing (work, tv, and eating.)  What I also did was read the nutritional guide that came with it.  It showed me some basic things to eating right.  Like, one of my changes- watching portion sizes of what I was eating.  OMG, I realized that the restaurants give us way more then we should eat.  So, I cut it all in half.    That was probably my first week of the program, add in a half hour workout and then cut back on the portion sizes of what I was eating.  Two small changes that I knew I could and had to make time to do in my life.

The second week, Slim in 6 program ramped up to 45 minute workouts.  Ok, so they got a little harder and a little longer, but I could do it.  What is 15 minutes more.  Plus, I started doing a little bit more to my daily diet.  I realized sugar was bad.  I really cut down on sugar- no more sweet tea or sugar in my tea.  I ate less cookies and candy and treats that were laying around the office.  I started drinking more water, aiming for the 8 glasses a day.  And, I took a multi-vitamin (now I drink Shakeology).  Ok, so week 2 was just a little bit more then week 1.  Not a lot of huge changes.

Oh yeah, did I get on the scale everyday.  Yes.  Did I take that tape measure out every week, yes.  Did I always see the scale drop, no.  Did I get bummed, hell ya.  I wanted those first 5 lbs to be gone.  I lost 1 pound my first week.  I lost 2.5 lbs my second week.  So, it was heading in the right direction, but it wasn’t overnight.

I kept doing this.  I kept making small changes in my life.  I started taking snacks to work to eat 5 times a day.  I started packing a few lunches.  I made an attempt to walk just a little more, maybe take steps instead of an elevator, or walk the dog just a little further.  I made healthier choices – chicken verses pasta with alfredo sauce.  Whole wheat verse white.  I did not do this all at once.  I just did a little more each week.

Did I have hard times?  YES.  Did I miss workouts?  YES.  Life gets in the way sometimes.  I had to have a piece of cake at that party, or a glass of wine with dinner.  It was what I wanted.  But, then the next day, I said- Heather, if you keep doing this you won’t get the results YOU want.  So, clean up your act, go push plan and just move on.  That is what I did.  I fell off the wagon, but jumped back on.  Did I look back and beat myself up over my mistakes?  NO.  It’s a learning process.  It takes time to make lifestyle changes and to get them right.  Heck, I still mess up.  But, I move on.

By week 5 of Slim in 6, I literally started to feel my body’s metabolism kick into gear.  I remember laying in bed at night and felt like my body was melting.  Those 4 weeks of small changes were starting to finally kick in.  I was starting to feel the results, believe in what I was doing.  Had I wanted the quick fix, I would have quit in week 1 or 2.  But, I stuck with it.  I kept going, kept focus on my small changes.  By the end of my Slim in 6 program, I was down 11.5 pounds.  I huge start to reaching my goals.  Was it over night?  NO.  But, I was starting to see a habit forming.  My body wanted to eat clean and it wanted to workout.  It wanted to do what was right for me.  It was just the start of my journey that I believe has no ending.

So, my story is- CHANGE IS POSSIBLE.  You can get the results YOU want.  But, you can’t do it overnight.  Nor should you give up everything you love all at once.  Just make small changes each day or each week.  Give yourself a new goal to focus on for the week (no soda this week.)  It makes these changes real and possible.  If I had to add in an hour a day of exercise and give up or change everything I loved to eat all at once, I would have flipped out.  I probably would have lasted 2 weeks tops and then would have went ballistic and ate everything in sight and started to sit back on the couch and watch TV again.  But, because each day I just focused on a small change, I DID CHANGE.  I did reach my goals, and am aiming for new and bigger ones.

Beachbody has the solution.  Let me help you. Beachbody has fitness programs for everyone, so let’s find one that you like and will keep you pushing play everyday.  Let’s stay accountable to each other by joining my Facebook page for support.  Let’s focus on eating right through the meal planner.   Let’s get you to make the small changes everyday that will get you the results you want.

Change is Possible, One Day at a Time.


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Race to the finish line


This is it, today starts my official race training.  I am aiming my finish line to be a 16 mile race on November 14 here in Columbia, MD.  That time frame seems really short considering I have a broken butt I am also trying to improve (and quickly.)

I hope you all received my newsletter today, it set out the outline for week 1 for both running to complete a 5k (assuming you never ran before) and a half marathon by Thanksgiving.  This is perfect for a Turkey Trot (5k) With week 1 starting, today.  I am going to give you each week the schedule you should run.  Between my weekly newsletter and my blog posts, I’ll be giving you helpful tips to help you get across the finish line.  (You can subscribe to my newsletter here).  I will forward to you this weeks newsletter if you tell me you subscribed to receive it weekly and want to join our training group.  Just email me and say, forward me your newsletter.  That said, I highly recommend you also subscribe to my blog so you get all the tips emailed directly to you.

My first and most important tip to get started.  If you want to start running, please make sure you have proper running shoes.  I highly recommend you go to a running shoe store and let them help you find a perfect shoe to fit your style of running.  I spent 2 hours in my running store when I started. I told them my goal (train for a marathon), and my weekly average miles.  I was put on a treadmill and they looked at my running style.  Then I tried on shoes that worked with my style.  It was the best thing I did from the beginning.  Before that, I just put on my old raggy sneakers and ran.  But, I always ended up with huge knee/hip problems.  Not worth it.  So, spend some time and get a good shoe.  You have a lot of miles ahead of you, so do it right.

My second tip- free GPS.  If you have an iphone/ipod/itouch, and can download apps.  I love RunKeeper.  It’s free (they do have an upgraded version.)  It is a GPS that will track your run.  It tracks miles, pace, calories, and a few other things.  Puts it all on a map.  So, when your out on the road, you can see how far you went (or need to go.)  (Only problem, it dies when your phone dies.)  My other free way to track your course/miles is through a website called www.MapMyRun.com.  Here it pulls up a map, you draw a line on your proposed route and it shows miles and a few other things.  Great way to plan out say a 3 mile run.

My last piece of advice today (besides all the wonderful tips in my newsletter), make sure you talked to your doctor and you are ok for this type of physical activity.  You should always know your own level before you just go out and do it.

Today, was my first day.  It includes stretch and strength.  I hit the gym for an aero-boxing class.  Spent a good portion before the class and after working on stretching.  All day, I will be stretching my legs/rear end to help me get past my issues.  Me and my foam roller will become best friends.
Tomorrow am, I plan on going out for my first 3 mile run.  Who is in for this challenge over the next 12 weeks.  Let’s get there and let’s get cross the finish line together.  Remember, we may not “Be” together, but that doesn’t mean we can’t train together.  Also, log your run into WOWY for a chance to win cash and prizes.  Just think of that as you are pushing yourself just past your comfort zone.

Ok, see ya tomorrow morning.  Who’s with me.

Remember to post on my facebook page for daily accountability, support, get your questions answered,….  I may also post some extra tips in the discussion boards.

Have a great night, sleep well to get going tomorrow.


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Power of Friends


My Beachbody Friends

I read a lot of books on self development.  One thing you will hear over and over is that you are or you will become the person based on the people you hang out with.  The thought is, look at the 5 people you spend the most time with and then see what you all have in common.  Not, take a step back and look at what you want to become and ask, are my friends helping me reach what I want?

I am so honored to have such amazing friends in the Beachbody Community.  I know that these friends, who I talk to on Facebook all the time are so much better to be around in person.  These friends of mine, all have the same goals in mind.  We want to live a healthy lifestyle, and many are coaches who want to help more people do the same.  The thing with seeing these people in person, is they will drive you towards your goals.  They will be there to help you, encourage you, motivate you.  And, often you and they do not even realize it.

Think about it in simple terms.  If you go out to eat with 4 of your friends and everyone at the table orders dessert, will you do the same?  What if those same 5 friends said, meet you at the gym tomorrow, would you go?  I see this so much in smokers, those that say, I only smoke when I am with other smokers?

It’s because you want to fit in, you want to be a part of the group.  But, why not use this little tip of knowledge to make yourself a better person?  Want to get healthier?  Hang with 5 of the healthiest people you know, watch what they eat and how they “play”.   Want to quit smoking, stop hanging around smokers.  Want to make more money, then hang around people that have money.

The law of attraction states that Like Attracts Like, so what are you attracting to you?  What are you going to do to attract what you want?

Me, I am going to continue to always find time to hang out with my friends who push me to living healthy.  I find myself spending less time with those who want to hang out in bars for a drink.  I’m sorry, but when it’s my life, I need to make choices that drive me in the right direction.  Maybe you will follow me.  Become a Leader, and have your friends follow you.  Show them that living a healthy lifestyle is easy.  Become a follower to those people that you want to become.  Make yourself stronger as you learn from them.

Here’s to your health, wealth, life, and love.


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Running to the finish line


I ran my first marathon this past January.  While training for it, I said I would never train again for another big race.  It was so hard, all the miles, cold nights, snow and rain.  But, it was also the stress fractures, and pains that made running difficult.  During my race, I had the worst pain in my rear, from what I now believe is piriformis syndrome.  This is so bad, today I can barely run a mile without my butt in pain.  So, I basically stopped running since that wonderful cold race day in January.

I’ve also started to realize that I really miss running.  I miss having that goal to train for.  I have determined, I am going to do something.  I am going to start somewhere.  I am going to make a point to start training again.  I am going to start slow, and build up.  I am going to work really hard on getting rid of that pain in my rear.  So, starting next week I am going to begin a training program.  I am going to begin entering 5k races to start small. But, my goal is to work up to another 1/2 and full marathon.  I already have a goal in mind, but want to see if I can fix my problem area before I commit to the date I have in mind.  I do know that with my running, I will be adding in regular yoga.  During my training, I realized the importance of stretching, and yoga always hits the spot.

So, in my quest for myself, I realized I need a goal.  Something to push and challenge me.  Something to aim for and keep me focused.

I’d love for you to join.  In one of my next few posts I am going to come up with a training plan.  Something simple and easy to follow.  I will give you the Couch to 5k plan.   This is basically 9 weeks to go from I never ran to running your first 5k.    I will probably also post a training plan for running a 1/2 marathon.  I will follow a program similar to the one in Runner’s World which is a 10 week training plan to get to a 1/2 marathon.  So, if you never ran before, or if you want to take it to the next level, I’d love for you to train and follow me.  Let’s go for it.  Let’s find a plan, let’s find a race that will be at the end of our 10 weeks of training and let’s go for it.  I’ll also post some training information on nutrition, cloths…. that I know is important to go along with our training.

If you are ready to take a challenge and push yourself to a new level, then join me as we work to crossing the finish line together.

Together we are stronger.


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I get knocked down, but I get up again….


I can hear this song run through my head this morning.  I get knocked down, but I get up again.  I definitely can relate today.  See, it’s been a non-stop week since I got back from my trip to California.  I have been moving, but not to my level of acceptance.

It’s funny, I see it, I dream it, but then I miss doing it.  I ask myself why at the end of the night?  Why did I skip that workout I wanted to do?  Why did I grab that slice of pizza?  Yes, I have all the excuses.  Because it was easy, because my day got busy,….  But, in the end, they are really just that, excuses.

Why do I let these excuses enter my life?  For me, it’s because I get lazy.  When I don’t plan ahead, I fail.  When I don’t think about what I have to do the next day and say- I can wing it.  I always miss getting something done.  See, without a plan it is absolutely too easy to let other things take priority, it is to easy to let excuses enter my life.

For me, that goes for everything.  If I don’t write down my daily successes, then the negative thoughts come popping in my head instead of all the things I did achieve that day.  If I don’t write down when/what workout I will be doing that day, I tend to miss it or do something with less intensity.  If I don’t plan out my meals, then I tend to eat the wrong things.   See, it all ties together.  If I get lazy or unorganized in one area of my life, it carries over to many more areas.  So, that snowball effect takes over.  Soon, I am saying, I got knocked down.  At least for me, I can wipe myself off fairly quickly and get back on track again.  I luckily never let more then a few days go by in my world of the lost without saying- what are you doing?

So, once I am done posting today, I will do the following.

– I will write down 5 things I was successful at yesterday, and why they are reasons for being a success.

– I will take my success list and make that into a To Do List.  What can I do today, to make myself more successful then yesterday.  I will also write out everything else on my to do list.  Including- working out, and shopping for a good meals.

– I will be following through on my to do list.  Which means, checking it often.

– For me, I need a long term plan/goal to drive me.  I am going to look at what I can do to move forward, to push myself.    One thing is maybe running more races (5k, 10k, 1/2 or full marathons.)  That also includes the path to recovery for me to be able to run distances.  So, I will pull out my calendar and write down a race I will attend.  Then, write down the training schedule to achieve it.

Now, it’s time.  I’m up again and am focused.  I need to get into my Successes, To Do’s, The Gym,… and I must move forward.  So, the last few days I was knocked down, and today I will be higher then before.  My written plan will give me focus to achieve my dreams.

So, if you are in the knocked down phase- write out your plan, your successes, your goals.  Schedule when you will do the little things that will get you to the ultimate goal.  Write down the end day that you will achieve your goal.  Write it down, seeing it makes it real.  Focusing on the details to achieve it, makes reaching the drams possible.

If you need help, email me or post on my Facebook Page for daily support and accountability.   When you have someone to talk to, work with, help you focus it helps you reach your goals.  Let’s push each other to higher levels.

– Heather

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Me and Only Me


I was out to lunch yesterday with my husband.  We just stopped somewhere quick and I already knew what I wanted (salad of course, my typical lunch time meal).  Therefore, I picked a table outside while my husband ran into order.  When inside, two ladies were there near my husband, and were talking about me.  He knew they were talking about me by the way they were looking outside the window and their comments.  He said they were calling me the skinny bitch.  He came outside and told me this, and boy, I bet they wanted to put their foot in their mouths when they saw we were together.

My husband, thought that it was a compliment to me.  That I looked good and others had to comment on it, even if stated in a not so nice way.

But, I was saddened at that moment when he told me their comment.  See, I am learning more and more everyday to never judge people.  Never judge who we are or what what we look like, or where we come from.  Those two ladies knew nothing about me.  They don’t know the hard work I put in day in and day out to get the body I want.  They don’t realize I make choices everyday that keep me healthy .  They don’t see the things that I turn away because I know my goals.  (I so want ice cream everyday when its like 100 degrees outside, but always say no.)  They don’t see me reaching out to folks everyday and helping them to make choices to improve them.  All they see is me on the outside.

All these two ladies see is the “skinny” girl.  But, I think it also a reflection on them and how unhappy they are with themselves.  They probably don’t know how to lose the weight that deep down inside they so desperately want to do.  They may not have the drive or determination or self motivation to commit to doing something that will get them the results they want.   They maybe lost in a cycle and just don’t know where to go.  They are turning around their self esteem issues outward by putting me down (of course not to my face.)  They are really saying so much out loud about themselves when they make that comment.

I keep saying, lately I am realizing that we are stronger together.  We are all the same.  We all have issues we need to deal with personally.  I have many personal issues that I am working on so hard to overcome.  I have also been learning to throw them out there.  I have been reaching out to my friends, to say- Help me.  I see my own problems, and I want to change.  I see you as the person I want to become.  I will stop saying to myself and to others all the negative thoughts or comments that come in my head when I see you because it is a reflection of my internal problems.  I can’t not complain, because you are the person who I really want to be.  I am learning that complaining gets me no where, it is me and only me who can make the changes.  It is me and only me that can take action.  It is me and only me that can stop and ask for help.  It is me and only me who will see the changes because I have decided to go for what I want.

You can change.  And, even if it is only you that can make the change, you CAN STOP and ask for help.  Because having someone there to help call you out, point you in the right direction, give you advice, encouragement,…  can make all the difference to helping you become all you want to be.

So, what kind of person are you going to be today?  Are you the one who is complaining and judging others, or are you the one who will stop and ask for help, stop and do something to be the person you want to be.

~ Heather

Email me if you are ready to make a change.  I’m here to help.


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