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Archive for September, 2010

The First Mile, The First 15 minutes


I know, many of you are just starting, and your saying, I just want to be able to run a mile.  You know, it is always the hardest mile.  I feel like if I run one or three, the first is always the hardest.  I think it’s my mind isn’t always geared with the rest of my body.  Yeah, I’m there saying it’s time to run, but really it just wants to sit on the couch.  I also think I’m never really warmed up, so my body wants to drag and stomp it’s feet and say, no I won’t go.

The first mile is really like pulling teeth.  It’s like pushing myself to go.  Sometimes, that mile drags into the first 2 miles.  Just slow, hard to get moving.  That feeling of I just want to stop and walk.  For me, it’s that first 15 minutes.  Therefore, if you are a beginner and just out run/walking and working your way up to the mile, it maybe the first 15 minutes for you too.  Those dreaded 15.  I honestly almost always struggle with my first mile.  It’s like a mind game, yes you must run.  I will not stop to walk, I will not turn back.  If you keep going, you will feel like running.  These are just some of the thoughts that go through my head.

See, it’s like any workout I do.  I get up, really don’t want to do it.  I put in my video, push play.  It’s that first 15 minutes.  My body screams at me.  What are you doing?  I don’t want any part of this.  Stop now.  Funny, when I am working out at home with a video, it can be so tempting to turn off the DVD and just quit.  But, just like when I run, I say- you must continue.  You must get past this mindset of I don’t want to, my legs don’t want to,… and just do it.  Because, soon – I will be flying and bringing it.  I will get that wind that will excite me.  I will get the thoughts of yes, this is just what I needed.  I will push myself a little harder, I will go.

Then, just as I am psyched about getting into my run or my exercise program, I suddenly realize, it’s about time to stop.  That finish line is just ahead, or that cool down is coming up.  How did I go from dreading the first mile or first 15 minutes, to suddenly not wanting it to be over.  To feeling good for accomplishing my goal for the day.

It really is all mindset.  Can you make it past the first 15 minutes?  Can you push yourself to go that first mile.  Can you allow yourself the ability to see what is around the next corner without giving in and just stopping?  Pushing yourself a little when your body says no is what will make you a winner.  It’s what will drive you forward.  It’s what will get you results.  Giving into that mindset, of I’m done, will probably allow you to give into other things throughout the day.  Hmm, want a cookie?  Your mind is saying YES.  What if you waited 15 minutes and asked yourself again, do I still want that cookie?  In that 15 minutes, think of how hard it is to get moving and get into your groove.  Think of the results you really want.  Now, think of how easy it is to quit.  How easy it is to say, I just don’t want to.  Same with that cookie.  Yup, giving in right when you want it, that is the easy part.  It takes the thought out of what you are doing.  It makes you forget your goals.  But, pushing through that mindset, and allowing your body to get use to the idea- yes, I will be exercising today.  Yes, I will be fueling my body with good stuff today.  That is what makes you a winner.

Now, push through that first mile.  Push through that first 15 minutes.  Know that once you do that, you are well on your way to success and reaching your goals.

Changing Lives, One Day at a Time.

~ Heather

Remember, if you need help reaching your goals, contact me.    I help coach people for Free to reach the results they want.  And, it really is simpler then you think.

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Rest and Recovery Day


Yesterday was my long run in my training week.  Each of you following our training plan (either the couch to 5k or the 1/2 marathon training) should have one day in the week that is longer/harder and really pushes you.   For me, I alway save my long training days for Saturday.  I get up early, have time to run.  But, also because it allows me to have Sunday as a true rest day.  I love having my pass to take a day off.

A day off is important for all activities you do.  If your following anyone of the Beachbody Fitness programs including P90X, Chalean Extreme, Slim in 6,…, they all have a scheduled rest day.  It’s important to give your body a chance to recover.  It’s a chance for it to prepare for the next week ahead.  It’s also a mental day to recover, get some sleep, get your mind focused and ready to go.

Trust me, if you are pushing yourself during the week, having that day off will be so welcomed.  Therefore, look at it as your reward for a week well done.

If you really need to do something on your rest and recovery day, make sure to keep it low key.  Some stretching, just light walking, low impact, maybe a little light yoga.  Just stuff to keep you moving, but not really working hard.

Today, my rest day includes working out some kinks with my foam roller.  I’m going to focus and plan ahead.  As each week passes, I get closer to my race day.  Have you committed to a race for around Thanksgiving yet?  A 5k or your 1/2 marathon?  Remember, committing now to a goal will help you focus and stay on track.  It will help eliminate the excuses you will get when your mental attitude is not having a great day.    Trying to find a race near you?  Why not stop by Runner’s World Race finder as a starting point.
So, enjoy your day.  Schedule and commit to a race.  And, gain focus for next week.  For me, due to my vacation, I am moving into week 3 of my training.  I am going to be adding in more resistance work to help with my cross training.  I have found and balanced my running schedule for weeks 1 and 2 without overdoing it.  Now, I am going to add in a new layer.  For me, it will be a little Chalean Extreme.   To me, this is the best program to mix in with my running.  It’s 5 days scheduled (so it already includes 2 rest and recovery days).  It’s 3 days of resistance training and 2 days cardio.  I’d recommend newbies into running, cut out the cardio days at first and focus on your running and the 3 days of resistance.  The resistance will build those muscles and make you stronger and faster.  As your training progresses, adding the cardio days back in will also help you gain the endurance you want to push you a little harder.  Start small, modify as you need to.  But, go for it.  Plus, the combo of Chalean Extreme and running can really help speed up your weight loss goals (if that is a goal of yours.)

Now, it’s time for me to relax, enjoy my Sunday.

See you tomorrow as I get up, lace up my shoes and go enjoy Mother Nature for my run.

Changing Day by Day.  – You won’t be able to run a race without starting with the first step, and training to go further and longer.  You won’t reach your  weight loss and fitness goals, without taking it step by step.

If you need help reaching your goal, make sure to contact me.

~ Heather

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Pre Run Nutrition


The other day, I told you what I do before a run.  Basically, drink a Shakeology.
The last edition of Runner’s World Magazine came out with a little Sports Nutrition for Distance Running.  I just wanted to supplement what I eat with some of their recommendations.

They recocommend a meal between 2-4 hours before exercise.  (I agree, otherwise it makes running hard as it is sitting in your stomach.)  Also, that you should be well hydrated going into your exercise.  Lots of water.  This meal should be high carbohydrates, and stuff that will be slow to digest like fattty and high fiber foods.  Carbo rich foods include:  pasta, rice, bread, cereal, veggies, fruit, and stuff like yogurts and milks.  But, always experiment and find what works for you.

If you get hungry before a run, A Performance Energy Bar or Fruit Smoothie Energy Bar.   If you suffer pre-race jitters and don’t feel like eating, don’t skop eating.  Instead try liquid carb sources in place of your meal.  A meal replacement is good option.  This fits right in with my Shakeology theory.  It’s recommended that this is an hour before your run.

Here are some Runner World Ideas for High Carb meals before a race or workout.  (2-4 hours before exercise).  For me, some of these might be the night before dinner options to pre-fuel my body for a morning run.

  • Cold or hot cereal with fruit or fruit juice and low-fat or nonfat milk.  (My personal thoughts, always watch you choice is low sugar option.  Some juices or cereals are high in sugar, not what you are looking for.)
  • French Toast or pancakes with maple or fruit syrup.
  • Toast with Jam or honey, and low fat yogurt.
  • Breakfast burrito (scrambled eggs, salsa, and low fat cottage cheese in a flour tortilla) and fruit juice.
  • Pasta or Cheese Ravoli w/ low fat tomato based sauce.  French bread or low fat breadsticks, steamed veggies, low-fat milk, pudding snack and canned fruit.
  • Grilled chicken sandwich w/ frozen low fat yogurt, and baked potato w/ low fat sour cream or salsa.
  • Turkey sub sandwich with tomato, lettuce, mustard.  Baked chips, fruit juice and low fat yogurt.
  • A slice of think crust veggie pizza, low fat gelato, and canned peaches.
  • Baked or grilled lean beef, chicken, turkey or fish with steamed rice, dinner roll, cooked green beans, low fat yogurt and fruit juice.

Ideas for High Carb Snacks before a race or workout (30-60 minutes before exercise).

  • Fruit smoothie made w/ mango/banana/berries and low fat or non fat milk or yogurt.
  • Dried fruit or pretzels
  • Fresh fruit or 100% fruit juice
  • Graham crackers
  • Low fat non fat yogurt
  • Sports Drink
  • Energy Bar
  • Energy Gel

Follow me as we run a Couch to 5K or Half Marathon training.   I’ll share my tips for your journey.  Want me to be your free coach, and help answer any of your questions?  Just Click Here.

Change Is Possible, One Day at a Time.

~ Heather

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Turbo Fire, Sculpt 30 Review


I was so lacking motivation to move today.  But, I am taking a day off from running.  Tomorrow I want to do a long run.  🙂   When I drag, I just think about what I want to achieve, what my goals are.  Then I say, I will not shower until I just get my workout in.  After awhile, you realize your day will not go anywhere unless you just push play to get it done.

I wanted to make sure today’s workout include some resistance work.  I’m a believer that you must mix up your workouts.  You can not just run and continue to get results.  Heck, most of my friends who run, lose very slowly even after they trained for and completed a marathon.  But, when I had them add in ChaLean Extreme, the weight they wanted to drop just disappeared.

Plus, I think when you cross train and add in some resistance work, you get stronger and faster.  An additional bonus.  🙂

So, today I did Turbo Fire Sculpt 30.  I’ve been in love with the HIIT workouts from that program, but ever tried the sculpting ones before.   All the Turbo Fire workouts have a number after it.  This one is 30.  That number is the length of the workout.  Therefore this was a perfect 30 minute workout.  Considering, I was not motivated to move at all.

The Sculpt workout uses resistance bands.  I am a huge fan of my weights.  I just love to hear that metal go clankity clank in my workouts.  But, I was going to do this workout with the bands no matter what.  I do have this good thing for resistance bands that you don’t get with weights.  It is so simple to make the resistance work to whatever resistance you want, and quickly on the fly you can make it stronger or easier.  Want it harder, just step out further on the bands, wrap it around  your feet,…  I also love they are sooo easy to pack.  You can always take your workouts with you.   What I don’t like, is at first they just seem awkward to me.  But, once you get into it, you get it.

Turbo Fire Sculpt works your arms with triceps, biceps, and your shoulder and back work.  She also makes your legs work with sculpt and bowler lunges as some examples.  What I love about Chalene Johnson’s workouts, is how she mixes 2 moves into one.  Like doing curls with squats.  Therefore you are working your arms while doing your legs.  It just cuts the time in half.

This workout had some floor work that used resistance bands.  I was quite impressed to see how you can incorporate resistance with bands while doing push-ups.  That was nice to do something different.

I really liked this workout and will definitely be adding it into my daily schedule with my runs.  My arms are shaking, I was dripping wet.  I know it will give me shapely shoulders and just add to my guns.  When I was slacking on form, Chalene would shout out to the class, hey check this.  It was a perfect reminder to fix what I was slacking on.  And, having this workout taped like you are a member of class is awesome.  You can see others doing the workout too.  It’s not just you and Chalene and the 2 on stage.  It is a room full of other people doing the workout with you.   Like Chalene says, if your neighbor did not give up, neither are you.

If you like fun music that can get you motivated to move, you like quick to the point workouts, and are ready to use resistance bands to challenge your muscles in a different way, then check out the Turbo Fire sculpt workout.  Plus, this DVD comes with a bonus Chalean Extreme Burn workout.  That is an extra resistance workout, for free.

If you want a workout that you can do with little equipment (just the resistance bands), that you can mix in with your running, or do as a full program for incredible results, check out Turbo Fire.  Remember, if you order from my website, you also get me as your free coach to support you on your journey.  I know you want regret it.

Changes are possible, day by day.

-Keep pushing play.

~ Heather

If you have any questions about these programs, running or how to kick start your fitness/weight loss, just email me.  HeatherB@Beachbody.com

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Taking it Slow


Yesterday I had emailed a friend and made plans to meet her in the park to go for a run.  She said, Heather, I am way slower then you.  I said, Shelly, that is perfectly ok, I just want to take it slow today.  We both had the same goal for miles, about 5 or 2 laps around the lake.  It was perfect.

This morning, I really had a lot going on.  A morning conference call, spilled coffee all over myself, had to change.  My computer was not working, so me and technology were at a clash as I was trying to get something done and out.  I probably would have skipped my morning run, if it wasn’t for making a plan to meet my girlfriend.

I actually, was all geared up and at the park.  Working on stretching when I see her all ready to go.  Again, she was like- Heather I’m probably going to walk/run this.  Ok, I said.  But, once we started, we both were not really ready to really run.  We decided to walk our 5 miles.  Yeah, we ran here and there, but mainly just for a little variety.   It was fun meeting a friend.  It was fun just walking it (and, she has a fast pace walk.)  I was sweating in no time.  I could hear my breathing was up.   I was just out enjoying the day.  Enjoying the lake, the birds, the people and the conversation with my friend.

I knew going out, it would be a slow day.  I ran 4 miles yesterday, I wanted a slow day today.  I want to do a long run on the weekend.  My legs get sore, I’m still recovering from an injury, and yes, my mind was not totally into a 4 mile run.  But, I was up for a doing something.  Having my friend there to walk the 5 miles was exactly what I needed.  It was my way of slowing down, just letting my body take a breather.  It was my way of refreshing my mind.  Relaxing and letting go of the crazy things that were happening in the world around me.

I looked at my RunMeter (love that free app) and it said we completed our walk in 1 hour 20 minutes.  But, it also said we had burned 461 calories.  So, it still was something.  It was still good for my body.  After we returned, we stretched some more.  I focused on my injury.  I focused on my legs.  I focused on what my body needed.  So, there is something to be said for taking time to slow down.  The world will be here when you are ready to go full force, but somedays – stop, let your body relax.  Don’t be afraid to walk when your training says run.  You will still be working toward your goals.  Your still putting in the miles.  Your still moving forward.

Remember, Changes Are Possible, Day by Day.  It’s the little things you do each day that drive you closer to your goal.

~ Heather

If you need help reaching your goals, make sure to contact me.  I coach for free, and my customers are getting results.

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Pre-Run Nutrition


I get asked, what do I eat before I run?

Well, if I am running under an hour (5 miles or less), I usually just drink my Shakeology.  I drink Greenberry with water.  I find this is perfect to hydrate me and enough energy to get me through my run.  Pretty quick and simple to make, thanks to my Magic Bullet Blender, and I am out the door. I usually carry a bottle of water with me on the run if it’s warm.  I try to drink my shake at least a half hour before my run.  This is perfect for my light run days.

When I start getting into slightly longer runs 5-10 miles, I will have my Shakeology and then make a bowl of oatmeal.  Never the packs with sugar, but the good stuff you boil and cook for about 5 minutes.  Again, I do this 1/2 hr. min. before my run.

When I start getting into longer miles, then I may have a bagel with peanut butter and a drip of honey.  When I do this, I may take a little more time between eating and my run.  Maybe an hour.  I did this up to my marathon and was good.  Shorter runs, I may have only eaten half a bagel.  Longer runs, maybe a full.  It depended on the day.

I personally like the carbs to get me going.  I never drink coffee for at least 2 hours before a run.  I know that aids in side stickers.  I do try and add plenty of water before the run, and even the day before.

I’m a simple girl.  I get up and run.  I also have to say, watch what you eat the night before the run.  I can not eat a bigger heavy dinner late the night before I run.  When my miles get up there for training, I often make the meals before my run more of a pasta dish.  Some easy simple carbs.  Always add in a little protein to that, and I’m golden.

My biggest advice – try it.  Always try out what you eat on a training run.  Then stick to it.  You never want to try something new on race day...  And, know your body.  For me, I know I can drink my shake and run and hour and not have issues.  Whatever you do, just know you don’t want to find a tree when you run.  (On longer runs that last hours, it’s nice to run past a place with a bathroom, just in case.  Gas station, restaurant,…)  Planning ahead is a good thing.  🙂

I’m only giving you my pre-run nutrition.  Note, when my runs get over an hour, I start adding more fuel while I run.  So, stay tuned.

Here is to your run.  Remember, we are following the Couch to 5k (for beginners) or the Hal Hidgon’s 1/2 Marathon schedule.  But, always modify to go at your own pace.

~ Heather

Email me if your looking for help to reaching your fitness goals.

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