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My family doesn’t support my weight loss program


friends weight
Are you trying to lose weight, and you want to start a fitness program to help you reach your goals. Maybe you are happy you finally made the decision to get started. Then you run to your family, your spouse and say, I can’t wait WE are going to do this together. Or maybe you are a little nice and ask, and simple say will you do this fitness program or go to the gym with me. Of course, you immediately think they will say yes rut. I mean their family and should support you in your goals, or they may need to do it too.

But, you quickly realize your goals and hopes are not theirs. They simple don’t want anything to do with working out or maybe changing their diet. Maybe They just are not ready themselves for change.

I’m going to shout this out, DON’T LET THIS DISCOURAGE or STOP YOU.

I know exactly how you feel. My husband works hard in his day job, last thing he wants to do is workout with me after work. He really does support me, even if him saying I don’t want to workout or don’t want to eat the same things as you comes across at first as not supporting my efforts. He does want me to reach my goals, but doesn’t really “help” much in the support of doing it with me aspect.

Here are my tips, even if you feel alone and not supported.

1. Don’t let it stop you. I am repeating this because often we get discouraged and defeated before we even start. Respect their opinion, but just make a plan for your self to reach your goals and stick to it.

2. Know your WHY. Why do you want to get started. Know it, believe in it, and go for it. There is power in knowing why you want to achieve your goals. That power will get you to find a way, support, and the results you want.

3. Seek out support. Maybe a friend, a co-worker, or a groups ill be your answer.
Think of weight watchers, find a class at the gym and meet new people there. Use meetup.com to find activities in your area. Or consider an online support group like our drop a size, KickStarter group, there is power when you simply can check in with people.

4. Create your time to workout. Make sure it fits in with your family schedule. Maybe it’s before everyone gets up. Maybe it’s while your kids are at their game. Maybe your spouse can help with another chore to allow you “your time”. Find a schedule that works with you, and the rest of your life. Soon, it will become a habit and everyone will know, it’s your time to workout, and not to bother you.

5. Be creative with meals. I refuse to cook a separate meal for the family, but maybe I can make a dish and leave off a few ingredients that can be added at the end by those who want it. Maybe get in the habit of making a salad before the meal for the family, and make that your main dish. Make a smaller portion size for you of one item in the meal, but up the sizes of veggies you make for yourself. There are options, just work around it. You’d be surprised if you google an ingredient you like how you can turn it into a healthy recipe your entire family will enjoy (and may not even realize how good it is for them.) Make sure to grab my free meal planning tips to help get you started.

6. Pick up a good book, it will help you stay focused to your goal. My favorite, especially if you are just starting is a book called the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. Simple read 10 pages a day. It will put your mind in the right mood to stay focused on reaching your goals.

You can do it. Don’t let your belief that your family doesn’t support you stop you. Don’t let that become your story not to get started. Don’t make it your excuse why you can’t change. Maybe use that belief to prove them wrong, you can do it.

In the end, you know as you are getting healthier, you are losing that weight, you are reaching your goals -you will become a more confident and happy person. It just happens. Your family will notice those changes, and for that they will love and support you even more.

I’m here to help you reach your goals. I would love to hear for. You and your thoughts, what do you do to keep motivated even if your family doesn’t join you? Leave your thoughts, ideas in the comments below or join me at – Heather Buchman on Facebook.

Live the Life You Want.

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