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Shakeology Cookie Recipe


I love my morning Shakeology. It is almost better then coffee for waking me up and getting my day started. It is one of those things that if I don’t have it, my body is mad at me at the end of the night.

I have also determined, the Chocolate Shakeology with almond milk and just a spoonful of peanut butter is soo good. I always tell people it’s to healthy to be chocolate. Many many times when I am having a sweet tooth craving, I just turn to my Shakeology to fix that problem. It really helps keep me on track.

Yesterday the Team Beachbody newsletter had a recipe for Chocolate Shakeology Cookies. They looked so good, I and I happened to have all the ingredients, so I went for it and made them. OMG, they are sooo good. Because they are incredible, I want to share them here.

But, since staying on track with your meals is so important, I want to throw in a few notes.

1. These are really rich. I originally made balls about 3/4″-1″ in diameter. I highly recommend you make them smaller. Like a bite size, think Hersey Kiss Size. More then a bite full is good, but again rich.

2. Because they are made w/ peanut butter, I would say if you keep them small like I noted in 1, then eat 2 throughout the day. One serving of peanut butter a day is ok, but much more then that adds to many calories/fat into your diet. So, make 2 little balls your daily mid afternoon snack. This is a perfect little pick-me up.

3. The recipe below called for 1 cup almond butter. I used 1/2 cup almond butter and 1/2 a cup peanut butter. Mainly because I ran out of almond butter. That made them yummy.

4. The recipe below says it makes 10 cookies. I know I had at least 20 (really didn’t count) at the size noted above. After I made them, I put them in the fridge. But, since I recommend making them smaller and only eating maybe 2 a day, unless you are making the cookies to share with friends/family… I really would cut the recipe in half. 20 cookies is a lot and you don’t want them hanging out in your fridge saying EAT ME.

Here is the recipe.  Go for it.  Yes, it is messy when making it, just get your hands in the bowl and go for it.  But, these maybe a great Christmas cookie alternative to show off to your friends that has a little bit of the healthiest stuff on earth in it.

Chocolate Shakeology® No-Bake Cookies

How did cookies become the Healthiest Meal of the Day®? When an enterprising Team Beachbody® chef figured out how to have their Shakeology and eat it, too. Simple to make and delicious to eat—you’ll never guess how healthy you’re being.

1 cup of raw almond butter
1 cup of organic oatmeal (quick)
1/3 to 1/2 cup of organic honey (according to desired sweetness)
1 cup of Chocolate Shakeology

Combine in bowl and mix well. Roll into balls (about a heaping teaspoon). Makes 10 cookies.

Optional: Roll the balls in crushed nuts or unsweetened coconut flakes before serving.

Nutritional Information (per cookie)
Calories       Carbs            Protein            Fat Saturated            Fat                    Fiber
249               22 grams      10 grams        15 grams                     1.5 grams       2.5 grams



* This option is lower on carbs and uses Xylitol which is a sugar free natural sweetener.

1 packet of Chocolate Shakeology

1/4 cup raisins

enough Xylitol to make balls

1/2 cup oats

Roll into balls.

Roll balls on shredded coconut. 🙂

Refrigerate once made.

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